Thursday, March 04, 2010

spinning around


glad i'm still alive!

life is so hectic this few days.. no, still didn't have time to bake.. sob sob. last baking session is on sunday! gosh ..mcm lama gile tak baking! . make promises to send samples to few friends but still finding the right time. i'll be floating like a butterfly and busy like a bee every early month.


* to make sure data/records perfect & accurate between gov system & our basic system
* masa ni la selalunya network problem. smlm mmg perfect day! modem out & everyone can'tconnected to wireless. thanks allah for sending someone special and help me troubleshoot until9pm! & he brings my little ff tooo.. anak beranak dok dlm opis! so, checking & configure &replacing modem with temporary h/w before got new one. 9.30pm, makan kat jusco! haha
* meeting! meeting! meeting!!

this weekend will be busier! work on saturday, baking & plan to attend event arranged by old friend. balik from kl, i need to bake special cheese cake for a good friend of mine. hopefully everything turn well. sempat study few tips to bake cheese cake because this is my second attempt making it. percubaan pertama masa bday & not really satisfied with the look (even taste well!)

ok, before pen off. mari saksikan little pirate yg mencari treasure di pagi hari.. nape la ko bgn awal anakku??? *yawnnnn*

she calls this kitchen tissue roll as 'telescope' and keep saying 'where's treasure... treasure'..



lela said...

arghhh yulieeee...sungguh comel...

hafizayusoff said...

cutenyer anak dara awak nie yulie..

yulies said...

auntie lela bile nk dtg???hehehe.. makan kek ngn ff?

fiza, lawak betul pagi2 dh bgn cari telescope dia tu. haha.. bagus gak suka toys camni, jimat duit.. haha

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