Sunday, May 03, 2009

on our 4th wedding anniversary - 1st may

"A successful marriage on the other hand would be where the couple is simply open to communication and small changes that are needed to fix. The age old saying “a stitch in time saves nine” is 100% true for this situation too. A happy couple is the one that can not only find a solution but also find humor in their problems" - taken from here

we're celebrating our 4th anniversary at hotel equotarial, melaka on 1st May (2D1N). sekangkang kera sajaa ;)
but that's ok.. we still enjoyed every single moment here.. may our happiness and love will last forever, insyaallah...

tiap kali pi hotel mesti dia attack phone dulu.. aduii anakku
hello cik adik, amik order ke????

sape yang terlebey extreem ni.. haha
ff tolong mama pilih :)
lupakan diet utk seketika ;)
i'm craving for nasi beriyani.. hehe
bye2 eQ.. till we meet again..


chi chiong kai said...

dah 4 thn dah. kena kasi fiqa adik hahah. apsal tah aku x puas hati anak aku 2...

ms ngantuk said...

hi! baru sampai ke yer blog..
happy anniversary. may ur marriage last long n happy always

eshmy said...

happy anniversary yulie!!

yulies said...

hajja, ko lucky la dh ada 2.. aku nk gak tapi kene setel few things dulu. hehe.. doakan aku menyusul plak ye :D
kak k, tqsm
ezra, thanksss!!!!

Soulie said...

happy anniversary! smoga ko and sham maintain as a happy and cool kapel :)

eve2eves said...

wah wah amboi.. sudah 4 tahun yer.. happy anniversary..
honeymoon di equatorial ek.. perhaps another one to be added so ff can be a lovey dover sister.. :p

yulies said...

sol, cool sgt ler kitorg ni haha.. padahal hiruk pikuk di dalam (couple dh 10 taun.. haha)
mal, owhhh belumm lagi.. byk bende kene setel dulu ni.. huhuhu

Que Sera Sera said...

hepi anniversary!!

yulie said...

tq sera mera!!

noniey alias said...

happy anniversary yulie..

moga sentiasa bahagia selamanya n berkekalan hingga ke akhir hayat.. amin..