Thursday, April 30, 2009

kitchen cabinet installation - part one

hi peeps, we've been quite bz lately for accomplishing our kitchen cabinet (kc) project in dry kitchen (our target dateline is before raya and hopefully i got time to bake cookies.. hehehe).
our initial plan is to choose fully aluminium material but GOSH! they're so expensive and we couldn't afford it.. you can refer to this website for aluminium design it's very cool yet stylish!

so, after few discussion with owner cum interior designer of ArteCo Sdn Bhd (Cheng, Melaka) we go for nyatoh + a bit touch of alumunium (just to satisfy ourselve.. hehe).. it takes nearly 6-7months to turn this dream into reality ( study, browsing in net & tru magazine..) thanks to dear hubby for all technical part and measurement.. wifey just playing a role as back-supporter and deciding colour.. hihihi

btw this entry is dedicated to few friends yang tgh survey2 for their new house too - guys, u know who you are ;).. i'll continue blog about this topic until project completed . maybe it could bring beneficial to all of us, pls email me or ym for budget detailst.. sharing is caring rite?? :D

#68.. lucky number? hehe
somebody arrived!
they do plaster ceiling too
some accessories bought in ikeamy feveret part, 'mirror' to be put in mini barbottom part
remove previous sinki and replaced with a new oneiklan kejap ;)i heart mirror.... abis la pasni keje tgk cerminn ajaaa, gegegegege
reserved place for fridge, microwave & oven (dik, bisnes kuih raya pasni... hehe)
mamat ni from kk.. wat keje senyum je.. bagus2
bought this item last year @ expo pengguna, MITC
pose wajib! hehe

Pending item (saturday & sunday)
1) to install black galaxy granite countertops
2) mini bar
3) the rest of cabinet parts
4) kitchen accessories
5)adjustment/additional on electrical point.. we bought eubieg(cant remember exact name) in expo pengguna. cheap!

Future project in mind
* master bedroom make over - hotel style (berangan2..)
* hall repainting

Pst: i'm away for short honeymoon on our 4th annv(1st may). hehe sekangkang kera je.. haha


Soulie said...

bes gilak yulie! teruja aku tgk kitchen cabinet ko. i loikeee mini bar! leh wat sandwich or bancuh2 air kat stu...berangan dah nie! rumah besar syiok weh leh sumbat macam2. weih tunggu aku dapat umah aku nak tau costing huhu.

notakaki: kulit hang makin licinnnn!!! phewitt

fadillah said...

bestnya kitchen cabinet baru...heehhehe...mesti bau kedai jer umah ko..

chi chiong kai said...

aku mmg suka color kith cabinet yg light color ni..tapi still fancy ikea punya . tak mahal sgt

zetty said...

Perghh!!best nya ada rumah sendiri.. Boleh design ikut hati..sure handsome umah ko lepas nih..

Nota kaki: tgk lisdawati dlm citer matahari aku keep on teringat ko.. Apsal tah.. Ada rupa mcm sedara kot? Hahaha jgn mare!!

yulie said...

sol,after 2 years baru aku bleh buat.. hehe.. no worries kat kl lagi byk best2.. tambah plak ngn jeeb yg creative. pstt: penangan epo + prune kot.. kekeke
m'jah, tak bau kedai sbb umah aku ni dh dua taun baru kitorg nk usik.. haha
hajja, yap ikea best + design dia stylish. aku bleh tiru je la sbb melaka ni bile zaman tah nk wat ikea.. :)
zet, ko org ke-7 ckp muka aku cam *toot*.. tapi aku version tembam sikit.. hehe

Anonymous said...

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