Tuesday, February 10, 2009

friendly ff

I just noticed my daughter is fall under friendly type (masa kecik dia takut org plus nangis2 kalau tak kenal).. loves smile in jinak2 merpati mode.

Lately, she's been following my baby sitter to kindergarten (my baby sitter send her youngest child there). At fist i'm kinda worried because :

2 times a day , morning 8.00am then pick up time
11.30am --> by walk (less than 500m) --> everyday

I tried not to think about this but can't resist to call my baby sitter and start asking everything (something like: is my child ok? need light stroller - already bought one but didnt know when to pass it to her and also nonsense things :p) .. WE got no choice but letting her bring my child everywhere (my baby sitter living alone with 3 kids - with no driving skill, while his husband working in different place - weekend husband)

Instead of being worried all the time (me & hubby). we found positive progress inside our girl
** love to mix around .. she's active + happy + friendly girl! **

Something to Share : According to my baby sitter, when it comes to physical activities such as exercise or dancing , ff will shows her talent extremely and now teachers in kiddy recognized her more than any other kids.. she stole the limelight :p.. too bad she only spent about 10-15 minutes before go back to baby sitter home :D

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Soulie said...

biler ko nak enrollkan ff masuk kindergarten tuh?

noniey alias said...

anak aku dulu memang jenis yang sgt tak kesah ngan sape2 pun. tapi skrang ni, sejak dia kena ulser, dia langsung tak nak ngan orang lain. even kalau aku masuk toilet pun, dia akan melalak giler2 cam aku tinggalkan dia lama... tak tau lah kenapa.. bagus lah ff dah bleh get along ngan orang lain. maybe dia dah besar kot.. n dah banyak bergaul..

This-is-so-fashion said...

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okinokiyo said...

yulie, tak dpt aku bygkan kalau ff gi kindy tu dia nye tahap keperamahan dia camner...mesti dia suka tgk ramai2 org...hehehe leh bwk dia gi playground selalu la mcmni..

royale-glam said...

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GG said...

Yulie.. kalo ff g kindie sure ramai member punye.. jgn jadi mcm anak aku sudah.. sampai takmo balik umah.. puas kene pujuk.. hehehe

Anonymous said...

baguslah tu dgn mak ngah jinak2 merpati..pandang boleh, pegang x boleh...apalagi lie, enrolllah next year...