Thursday, February 05, 2009

bola itu bulat

I'm not good at football (football meant for boys not girl :D) neither in any other sports cause i'm not born to be an athlete :p . the only thing that inspired me to blog about football is because my younger brother, E (die-hard-fan of MU!).

Yap, I'm kinda closed to E. Maybe because there's not much-age-gap between us, or maybe he used to be my driver during our college time. (utm-siblings). I never accompanied him to watch any football game, but keep asking about the result. WHY?? hehe.. because, before the game start we will make a deal..

me: ok.. if MU win, can you do me a favour?? (grinnning)
E: yes, just name it! I'm sure they will win. (proudly face)
me: tomorrow is my turn to watering flowers (only-god-knows-how-many-flowers-being-planted-by-my-mum.. we need to spend about hours to finish it! lol) . so if MU win, can you do it for me?? (I'm not bullied, just trying my luck)
E: heh, small matter. ok no problem...

The next day, i'm free (yeay!)

on the other way, if MU lost.. he will sleep one whole day. eat. sleep again. buat muka tonyok. ignoring house-chores (we share semester break-so-everything-should-done-equally).

so..... we declare WAR


Back to football story.. i'm sick to read/heard about local-football-industries. i really dont know when they will grow up! never learn from mistake. we spent so much money on it but no output at all. i miss my old days. watching man of the match, imported player abbas saad (he's cruel but hot!) in early 90's. oh yes, azman adnan & dollah salleh is hot too (skill not look. :p)

Malaysia in world cup 2018??? (Insyaallah, if they got spirit/soul like our siblings in gaza maybe they can turn this dream into reality)


Aida Narina said...

Hi there =)
I'm just blog hopping and found your blog from some of your friends.
Nice knowing u.

p/s: if u have the time, u are most welcome to my Sales Blog. We have tie racks scarves all the way from UK. Thanks!

enina said...

uik.. suka bola jugak ye? betul la.. dulu masa kecik2 suka sgt tengok bola.. masa tu azman adnan, alistair edwards kot, abbas saad la.. masa tu i sokong selangor.. best kan time tu? skrg ni macam kurang kedengaran je? ke i yg dah lama x baca pasal bola? :P

Soulie said...

till now, aku still tak paham bola sepak. haha kodi gila