Monday, February 16, 2009

friday the 13th + V day + lalokss

I love this title. This brilliant ideas came from . u guys are rawks - especially when one caller telling story abt her-disgusting-blind date. I should thanks them for making me feel awake and strong along my way to kl (this 2 hrs alone journey always make me sick..i hate morning session/meeting cause i need to deal with traffic jammed!! grr)

ok, enuff with 'sick story'.

me n my siblings are big fan of scary movie. living in small-but-not-too-virgin-kg give us limited choice of nitemare-stories. We're fully dependence to local-channel and sometimes we will browse in humble video-shop to satisfy our scary-hunger. So, anything related to s*ndal bolong, poltergeist or malay movie ((rahsia, misteri rumah tua, perempuan bertudung hitam ..) or thai-hunted story became our favourite i think there are too scary at that time!

Not forgotten 'Freddie Krugger'- watch him in tv3 on fright nite show. Apparently, he's not only frightful but he's devil too! -but always make us waiting for his scene :D. The last frightening show i've ever watched was 'The Others- by nicole kidman'..

When I get older (opsss.. matured :p), this obsession become less. Working in IT line required me to stand by on weekend & driving alone (late nite). I dont wanna take a risk.. (pstt: i will pass by when somebody ask me to watch ghost story.. to avoid any nitemares)

Oh back to v-day, nothing much happend (we're not celebrate it, dowh.. but i bought lovely red-huggable-pillow for my daughter while pay visit to ikea during lunch time. it's a lovely-dovey)

There's one story happened to me last time (which is longggg time ago). This one guy (cite monyet2 masa muda remaja hingusan) bring me to flower shop to buy bouquet of flower on v-day. I thought it is for me so i feel happyyy.. Unfortunately its for another girl. cess! fool rite???

flower & chocolate become high demand during v-day. But personally, I prefer chocolates more than flower cause it can be eaten (and yummy too!)


By the way, I arrived home at 9.30pm (I should choose AK exit, but accidentally pass by because of 'lalokness + dizzy + sleepy'. So I exit JSN, pick plus ticket again and heading to AK.
There's one 'hikmah' there - (5 cars involved accident just before i entered that same junction. Allah save me, ALHAMDULILLAH..)

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enina said...

jahatnya lelaki tu.. ada ke dia bwk u pergi kedai bunge then beli bunge utk org lain.. hehe.. nasib baik kita x celebrate v-day kan? kalau tak sure bebulu je kalau tak dpt flowers.. hehehe.. :P

yulies said...

ha aa lelaki tu mmg jahat + kasanova. i je yg blind dolu2.. sib baik dpt husband rajin bagi bunga skang (time annv ngn b'day la)
tapi dpt cokolat lagi bestt sbb i hantu coklat.. hehe