Thursday, December 09, 2010

cupcakes = fairy cake

i ate my first cupcakes on 2006 kot during my friends wedding. thanks aiza sbb kenalkan aku ngn cuppies. so cute, so tender.. nk makan pun syg. still, masa tu rasa pelik & kagum.. camner la org leh buat cupcakes comel2 pastu kecik. senang nk makan. sgt brilliant!

then, end of 2009 i started bake cuppies on my own. funny, tapi tu la kuasa tuhan kan. gosh, until now i'm addicted {making them} .. i can bake 300 cuppies in one day (masa oven kecik tuu.. gile bile pk). of cos, paling suka masa decorations. sbb syok+leka .. terasa mcm tetiba masuk dunia lain. huhu, bahaya tak?

but now i understand why they call it as fairy cakes ;)

yogurt peach cuppies with cream cheese frosting
red velvet with fluffy cream cheese & dried cranberries

my fav! choc cuppies inspired by ice-cream look (ff request this sbb dia tkleh makan ice-cream)
kids cupcakes, cheesy buttercream. i love kain ni. beli kat tesco jeee.. hehe
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