Thursday, April 02, 2009

special award

thanks to ginnie jane for this cute award. as a newcomer in blogging world i feel excited to see my first award ;) . huhuhu

ok.. copy paste from her blog

here's the rules:

1) paste it in your blog

2) story behind this

it's given by my coursemate mcjah - glemer plak eja camni :). we know each other during our old days in utm. same college (KTF). she's beautiful with a flawless skin (lucky you!). tak pernah la nmpak dia ni masam.. hehe. she's a helpfull too.. when i first setting my blog, there's some error happen here and there. all problem fixed with her help! we're much more closer in cyber world rather than in real life :) . i fully understood her situation now (trust me, i've been in your shoes before.. ) . there's one thing you should know 'never give up and ignore all the nonsense thing people spoke to you, ALLAH know what is the best for us". keep on trying ya ;)

3) pls state 10 facts about yourself before you reward to another sweeet blogger

my own version (sukatii je tukar format..hehe)

**all 5 facts will be related to my car

a) i love my car.. before married, i cant spent two hours washing it and check in every single things including engine part (pretend that i know everything. the fact is i even dont know how to change tyre). while did some QA test (my own standard of checklist.. hehehe) my african neighbour did questioned me about engine matters. i simply replied 'just checking and clean it :)'..

b) i bought my car on june 2003 using my own money (after six month of works) . the funniest thing, everybody in my area recognized my nemo.. ada skali tu mmber pi gunting rambut kat kedai nyonya jauh gile dari tempat keje..bleh plak nyonya tu ckp 'u ada kenal tak itu pompuan muda bawak kete biru.. manyakk kilatt la itu keleta. siap bgtau plat no lagii.. hehe..

c) i've once received an official letter from unknown lady who want to buy my plat no..
sound funny but i think she's obsessed with *991 (i can see tru her phone no, ic no & home address. semua ada no 991) maybe she traced my name/details from JPJ registration

d) i can simply lost appetite when something bad happen to my car (even a small thing like scratches) . thanks to hubby for re-painting my car.. look like new one. hehe

e) if i got huge budget, i'll turn my car into MINI.. or at least mini wannabe. Insyaallah right after i settled loan debt.. soon.. sooon...

**all 5 facts about my self

f) easy-going person

g) a bit selfish (but still nice hehehe)

h) i love food! i can eat like a monster if i didn't controll it especially kampung-style ,thai &
western. but i cant accept japanese cuisine . tak match dgn tekak . mamak : so-so

i) admirer country song.. for me it's a kind of relieve .

j) i have twin! .. her name is yulia . she passed away right after we were born (al-fatihah) . i just wonder how she looks like? we only meet once in dream. she smiled at me without any
words ....

ok peeps, i wanna pass this award to nina & soul (bebila free buat la ye.. hehehe)


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