Saturday, April 18, 2009

MPV'S >> feast for your eyess.. yumm yumm yumm

since my first car will be debt-free soon.. we're start looking for another one. planning je baru.. hehehe.. this time around, we lay eyes on mpv/suv cause it suit with family demand

by now, i have multi options from various brand but some of them really cost a bomb!.. takpela tgk2 dulu ye ;)


1) new nissan grand livina impul - at reasonable price but looks charm!

2) new version of honda stream 3)suv, honda crv.. temptinggnyaaa

4) toyota wish5)suv, nissan murano.. mahal gile dhlah 3.8l plak.. tapi macho sgttt
6)toyota caldina. garanggg ni.. hehee
pic taken from here, here , here, here and here


Soulie said...

caldina is cool-ness hehehe...mata blakang sepet lak tuh :D yulie, there's oways exora hahaha

yulies said...

yap! sesuaii la ngn reganya... hehe.. this time hopefully i get something different.. b4 ni dh cukup support malaysian car.. kekekekek

zetty said...

Tak nk try rondo ke? Kitorang pun mengintai2 gak nih.