Thursday, April 23, 2009

i'm so envious!

or should i say DAMN JEALOUS??? hahaha..

my brother's maid si kak supami will be flying off to uk on middle of next month. huh. what a lucky maid tak pasal2 kene dok uk..balik indon kang bleh la cite 'apa uk?? udahh smpai sana.. london jugaa udah dibawa sama puan niza.... biasa2 sihh.. huhuhuhu'
she got new responsibilities now. taking care of my two nephews while sil continue her PHD there(it's been 2 years now, so another 2 yrs to go!).. however, my bro will be staying in kl & enjoying his new task feeling bujang la ko ye in healthcare industries.. welcome bro!

good news.. there's a free accommodation in UK till end of next year.. sompat ke nk pi ni, ye air asia adaa...hahaha (i just noticed i've lots of wishes: beli tu, moving out, beli ni, beli tooot, tettttt, totttttt. oh budget burst!!)

pst: k-c project will be started on this saturday and estimate to be complete by end of next week.. yum.. yum.. yum..


Nissa said...

kitaorgpun nk gi uk end of tis year...i heard emi & wife also nk join...i told angah, go to uk first then only think about having another's just the right time to go for a holiday..the twins are big enough to, let's go together..the more the merrier..jom.jom..jom..hmmm UK!!

yulies said...

hehe.. tak tau la.. just w8 n c