Friday, April 10, 2009

barang halal tuhan tunjukkan balik..

two incidents:

1)Jan 2009
while packing up things to fiza wedding suddenly i noticed something 'ya allah, my girl's necklace is gone!! . i thought i put it inside my handbag but that's was 3 weeks ago.. me & hubby drove to office @ middle of the nite .. .. unfortunately, we can't found it.. :(

*alhamdulillah, found it back on March 2009 inside ***** - i'm not kidding, i just notice i have secret compartment ;0

2) April 2009
on mc due to pms problem. just come back from clinic, open the gate grill @9am.. blogging, watching tv and get rest.
12.30 noon.. MIL arrived at home. open the door then start shooting me with thousands of question.. i feel weird and still didn't expect anything until she show something..

'MASYA ALLAH, my new bracelet!!' i can't imagine if someone just grabbed (or slowly amik dari gate pun takdak sape perasan) it and sold in any pajak gadai shop..

*alhamdulillah, MIL found it! ni yg syg mak mentua aku ni.. hehehehe

Moral of story:

i'm the careless goose-mother in this world but ALLAH still love me.. nk masuk 3-series bwk2 la beringat yulie..


Soulie said...

alhamdulillah nasib jumpe balik. rezeki rezeki :)

Anonymous said...

moral of the story...hubby yuli patut bagi barang kemas mainan je kat yuli ...hehe

yulie said...

sol,tu la pasal.. huh
anon, tak bley la nnti dh tua takde harta pusaka.. hehehe