Monday, March 23, 2009

things to do when u depressed

-smbyg hajat.. puasa nazar/ ganti puasa
-washing car
-shopping or at least window shopping (this is the most!)
-eat chocolate (make sure it's cadbury or ferrero rocher..)
-tidy your room/house -ni kes kemas gila baban (korek smpai lubang cacing.. nyahkan segala habuk2 yg menyibuk...)
-watched travel and living or afc channel
-spent hours and hours in bathroom ..
-drive to middle of nowhere
-climb mountain and shouted-like-nobody-business (if u didn't find the real one, dream it!)
-call beyonce . ask her to sing 'if i were a boy' straightly to your face

rain rain go away & never ever come again.. .. lalalalallalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala


nina said...

naper yulie? naper despressed ni?

yulie said...

conflict diri la nina.. alhamdulillah dh ok..