Sunday, February 01, 2009

10 days before 2009

how time flies!.. things happened this year:

*ff become 1 year old.
*settle my jpa loan! yeeehaaaaa
*got a new job - not a dream one. but alhamdulillah, still get paid every month

*car re-painting (credit to my hubby)
*dinner set
*house project - kitchen cabinet (we spent xxK to turn this dream into reality. no
vacation, no major shopping, no new car )

*tinted my car (also credit to hubby .. :D)
*babysitter taking leave for 10 days! (she's try her luck to get 1 month leave!).

As a result, I had nearly lost my 2 days pay and hubby need
to work from home for 8 days (he can only concentrate on work while this liltle notty ff sleep! W.A.H

takde kene mengena - how I wish I can spend little money on my own (at least on this Christmas sale)

simple-but-nice G handbag satisfy me enough.. :p


enina said...

hehe siap ada apdet tu.. takpe, bila shopping sekali sekala tu yg puas hati tu kan.?

Soulie said...

wahhh dah settle jpa loan!!! congrats. aku nyer loan tah time umuq biler baru abes hehehe

yulies said...

nina, taun ni i tak dpt bonus sbb tukar keje. tu yg tension je tu..
sol, sib baik aku dpt diskaun 75% kalau idak mmg tak abis lagi punn. hehe

Uda said...

Keta nko color apa skang nih?

yulies said...

uda, sama je kaler.. hehe