Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Two Broke Girls

hubby, i'm a troublemaker but you still being so nice to me. last nite, after sending my BB to celcom in the middle of the nite (err.. with missing warranty card because i totally forgot where i put em.. poor you yulie!) , he bring good foods and delicious new tv series for my entertainment.. something that impressed me and wanna makes me cry silently, he purposely put his notebook 30cm away from my old-innocent mixer. so i can enjoy watching them while my hand busy preparing chocolate indulgence filling

done with 1st episode. i want more!

PS; did i tell you, he was about to transfer masterchef series in my smartphone tapi balik umah i kata BB i kong.. you're sweet honey but i'm a loser -__- '



dhr said...

bestkan? kite pun tgk cerita ni.

ms ngantuk said...

show apa ni? ada on astro x?

Yulie Elveera said...

kann.. best part dia halau bf pemalas tuu

kak kay, takde kt astro.. donlod