Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Final Week of Syawal ...

Time really flies kan? Kejap je dh penghujung syawal.. these few pictures sempat snap before delivered cake to customer.. sorry, guna BB je sbb most of the time sgt2 tak sempat nk buat proper photoshoot.. takpe kan dari takde? kenangan jugak ni :) ..

I have nothing to say, except THANK YOU for your continuous support.. being here with me since 2 yrs ago.. i'm content with my life and feel bless.. terharu :')

my special kakak.. kak ina utem.. thanks kak :)

Stad MMU

my returned customer :)

returned customer jugak, kak azi mmu.. thanks kak :)

ITSD, cyberjaya

new customer, my blog reader fiza.. thanks fiza.. sorry tak dtg majlis awak, akak seriau.. hihi

3kg's red velvet cake with cream cheese filling but topping i use buttercream sbb takut nnti kek cair masa cake-cutting event

fiza order 50 pcs choc moist cupcakes jugak.. matching theme

choc moist cupcakes ordered by returned customer, ija.. hadiah kawan kawin :)

thanks ija :)

returned customer, cheese cake for bday girl

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