Monday, June 06, 2011

Wedding Cake - YBTC's Signature

Finally, i came out with my own signature for wedding cake. It's a garden theme style.. simple but practical. No more complicated/time consuming design sbb ku sedar diri aku tak mmpu nk proceed w long hours job.. but if one day ditakdirkan my dreams come true, i will let everybody know :P

By now, pls enjoy my humble & innocent pictures taken by my dear BB .. kes tak sempat nk tangkap proper pictures. to kak shikin, let say ada rezeki gambar cun from op photographer do tag me k :)


  • 3kg++ wedding cake, 8inch, 12" cake board (silver or gold)
  • fresh flowers/gumpaste flowers + butter cream + a bit touch of fondant
  • flavour : choc moist (choc ganache filling)/ rvc (cream cheese filling)/ butter cake (strawberry or blueberry filling)/ butter vanila choc marble (choc ganache filling)
  • 50 pcs cupcakes (optional, u can choose any flavour mentioned above)
  • recommended colour for buttercream : pastel colour. i will choose matching flowers according to wedding color theme. preferable : roses or chrysanthemum .. but maybe lepas ni i akan campo baby breath to make it more soft.. tgk nnti mcmana. if tak suka then boleh jugak letak strawberry sebiji2.. depends on your budget :)
cake stand? all you need is just 12 pcs of clear wine glasses. ni cth taken from prev wedding :)

updated ** pic from customer :)

ps: next wedding project; stacked cake (square shape) with strawberry dipped in choc.. yum!


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N I N I E said...

klu akk la kan, rs sygggg nk potong itu kek.. tp laaaaaagi syg klu tak makan! ;p