Tuesday, May 24, 2011

while you were sleeping .....

sorry for a long silence.. i'm still alive and kicking, cuma tu la.. idea takde nk menaip :) ditambah pulak dgn cuaca tak menentu ni (excuse .. excuse)..

so far, cakes still bake mcm biasa. thanks to those yg tak jemu2 mencuba YBTC. glad to tell you, i'm fully booked until early of middle june. ada jugak yg dh order smpai dec 2011, eh kak hawa lagi dasat jan 2012!.. doakan saya sentiasa sihat n boleh bake cake dgn ceria/happy & err.. penuh kasih sayang :P ..

since my op still busy n sedang menyesuaikan diri dgn env baru, most of cakes mmg pakai BB. design baru pun tak byk sbb most of customer request repeated design. hajat nk cuba resepi baru pun tak on-on.. forgive me :( .. i'm thinking to enter refreshment class, boleh bake cake2 baru since i've been eyeing new taste. tp tula.. masa belum mengizinkan .. skang ni pun, jarang stay up lewat but i wake up early.. seawal jam.. err 430am! rasa lagi fresh semenjak dua menjak umur dh meningkat ni.. uhuk uhuk ...

okla, meh layan my innocent cakes for last weeks while i still mengejar this week punye dateline :) .. wish me luck!

i personally love this creation, fondant cut letter nmpk kemas kan?

from melaka to cyber :)

repeat design, ben 10

chocoholic cheese cake

i like this one too! menyesal tak amik close up esp cake wall. minnie theme

each doll will cost 7.80! tp best sbb boleh main2 lepas tu. my second year baking cake for qila. thanks marsha!

cheese cake

my best selling cake; rvc with strawberry slice.. i tambah beryls love choc tu

my fav too! love shape RVC cake.. thanks dr shanti! her second order nk bawak for family gathering kat kl. thanks for your nice word.. well, katherine DCC, you are my new idol!!

since korean strawberry is temporary not available, so i tukar guna driscoll n cameron. driscoll more sweeter tp shape tak lawa. chubby sikit :P .. cameron masam tp sexy body! huhu.. i put driscoll in the middle and cameron kat tepi2.. gile complicated eh??? yeahhh, this is me si penggila strawberry.. i know in and out tauu! jgn tipu :D

ps: did i tell you, i will deliver my next cake to another dr a.k.a beauty consultant.. i've seen her for some advice, skali tertukar fb.. she direct call me after that. ingat nk ckp pasal xxxyyzzz. rupanya nk order carrot cake! huhu.. emm.. kene kaji sikit different approach.. thanks dr datin fuz*m*h.. looking fwd to meeting you soon :)


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