Thursday, December 23, 2010

Moist Chocolate Cake With Strawberry

Lately ramai pulak tanya camner nk deco-deco or nk belajar kat mana. Frankly speaking saya takde pi mana2 kelas deco.nk pi tapi lom ada masa.. sob sob sob.. hanya pi kelas basic. that's why kalau perasan kan most of my design takde la melibatkan design rumit2 sbb sy tak tau design sgt! huhu.. (i nk buat cream roses pun tak pass,pass.. aiyoohhhh!)

But, this is One of my secret business tips ----> Think Simple, Go Fresh!

Yes, it's required big investment but don't worry dear, it will surely bring a good turn-over *wink* . ps ps ps.. tapikan sy nk bgtau ni, i kalah la dgn bende2 fresh ni sbb SGT2 MEMENUHI NAFSU MEMBAKINGKU.. i feel so sexyyy! hahaha

Due to this, i come out with this logic :

Fresh fruit + Sinful cake = Sexy food (err.. can i assume this is healthy too? :p)

btw, this is special cake for newly married; diba & fendy
bite me honey, i'm super Sexy! *auwww*

credit to my op-photog a.k.a my loveeeee ;P

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