Monday, August 02, 2010

stack cake

ever since i jump into baking world i never expected that one day, i will able to make a stack cake. this ideas came across while arranging my little daughter's bday, on middle of june. waktu tu, pening pk nk buat something special, something different.

hubby is being supportive & encourage me to do something new. i still remember his words; 'masa ni la awak nk try n error. experiment time. takde sape marah or komplen'. so dlm kecuakan, i force myself to make stack cake.

what is stack cake? all this while, i've been browsing tru net & found lots of guideline on how to make stack cake but this is one of my favourite link. actually, the proper way to decorate stack cake is using fondant. fondant kan keras & not messy. but being a buttercream survivor, i truly believe cream pun boleh buat jugak. you just need to balance your cake while arrange them. kang tak pasal2 kek jatuh, nayaaa. so, i frost 2 cake separately using 2 different cake board & chill. then baru decorate..

i feel good sbb my decision to try stack cake mmg berbaloi. stack cake sgt sesuai for event mcm bday or wedding sbb selalunya event camni selalunya ramai guest. risau, cuak, leceh tp worth it!

first trial. senget!
second one, round & square shape
latest creation, customer request something
similar to my first cake.

so, this is an improved version of
my stack cake :)

dear, i love my obsession more & more :)


Anonymous said...

stack tu kau bake 2 cake and stack ke?

Yulie Elveera said...

ha a.. bake 2 cake separately