Friday, March 27, 2009

stories of tabung

some called it piggy bank/money box or still bank. whatever name it is everybody must have one . my very first tabung was made from bamboo (customized by my dad for 6 of us). as far as i could remember, i'll make sure to do coins-count-activity at least twice a week-pstt poyo kan? haha. there's one time while doing this activity (alone in empty and quite room) suddenly i heard something. somebody whispered behind me .. geeeeeee my dad stalked and gave me meaningfull look. oh gosh! i'm blushing :p

second tabung 'created' during my old days in utm. if am not mistaken it's given by cima shark - my housemate. simple yellowish money box (yeah, i'm so obsessed collecting $1 coin coz it gold .. heheh). I managed to collect few hundreds and top up into my ASB account.

after few years, i bought one @ kedai RM2 and gave it to hubby (tak kisahlah 2 inggit janji duit dlm tu bykk.. heheheh). it still exist until now with full of coins inside :). last 3 months while shopping alone in parkson, i bought another one for my girl - this time i choose pinky tabung with ff feveret character 'mickey mouse & friend'. guess waht, its almost full. woohooo! (claps2x). i think the best part of keeping money in traditional way - be it real tabung ke, bawah tilam or rice port (my grandma did it.. hehe) is when it comes on counting time. rasa eager semacam n bleh susun mcm lego.

only that you need to make sure transfer it to your bank account for safety reason or otherwise just spent it for your pleasure(jolly katakk without guilty!)

well, currently i'm looking for an attractive tabung to replaced my so-called tabung (funny bekas tu). haha. still no idea what it looks like. my current obsession - gold bracelet or bangle (ada ke tabung bentuk tu?? kui kui kui)

oh yes, speaking about tabung. i've one friend who owned various type of tabung. u just name it - tabung raya, tabung compact powder, tabung melancong, tabung repair kete and not forgotten tabung emergency 4 family (she's not married yet but really taking care of family matter.. bertuah sape jadi laki dia :p) . at that time she just earn 3k++. now double pay since she's join new company (mesti lagi bykkk koleksi dia) ..

it's better idea to start forcing ourself and treat it as daily routine (saat2 gawat ni simpan dua inggit hengget sehari, setaun jadi rm720. wow!!!)

so, from now on I declare 'TABUNG HUNTING'
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