Wednesday, March 11, 2009

new challenge = new rezeki?

mine = yesterday, my first interview for the year 2009. nervous. 6 candidates. chances: 45-55 (i guess)

my bro (uda, i know u can do it !) = tomorrow. (trust me.. am nervous too! )

hopefully there will be another bright future for us out there (which lead a better life, insyaallah)


eve2eves said...

salam cek yulie..

ko skang keje mana yulie?? ni nak carik keje baru lg? suami istri?

enina said...

yulie, i doakan u dapat kerja baru tu.. insyaAllah.. hopefully rezeki u bertambah tahun 2009 ni :)

Soulie said...

interview aper tuh yulie? saspen jek aku dengar bab2 intebiu nie