Thursday, February 26, 2009


since my ofc is just 5mins from ikea, we grab this opportunity to do some kc-shopping right after meeting/discussion done -during weekly visit ( hubby was on leave yesterday,so he can follow me :D). Basically, we just concentrate to purchase inner part cause its a good bargain here compared to other places (plus nicee too). Well, we do some research before decided to buy here (3hrs browsing is just not enough plus someone forgot to bring actual-measurement).. nevermind will come back again :)

list of items *wink*
browsing time
nice to have - dish dryer
cute things for baby sitter :)
mak budak muka kelaparan!!

last but not least
my dear syafeeqa (look at her! full of eager excitement!.. hehe)


(¯`v´¯)♥nrina♥(¯`v´¯) said...

haa..baru dapat nak komen..selalu tak bleh pasang hang je hish susah nak xplain..

wah..baru nak mencari ke..ingatkan dah pasang dah..

bestlah ff punye rumah mainan..kalau dapat kat anak aku tu..dah jahanam dlm sekelip mata..hehe..

(¯`v´¯)♥nrina♥(¯`v´¯) said...

eh ape yg aku cakap kat atas tu ek 'pasang' aku nak cakap 'pasal' hehehe...

enina said...

ni kat ikea ek? quality ok ke yulie?

yulie said...

nor, anak aku skang minum susu pun dlm tent tu.. so far takde la jahanam tapi tak tau la nnti

i beli inner parts je kat sini sbb yg lain provided by int designer. cari yg stainless steel then should be ok..

londondeals said...

salam..tumpang lalu yerk. do visit us for more tie rack if u like. many thanks yer.