Friday, February 20, 2009

when old team get together

yesterday, we had meeting (screen presentation/enhancement)@ my old company - wisma E&C. discussion started at 1030am and should finish within 3hours but been dragged until 2pm (continue at 4pm, then continue again on monday 9.30am!). poor me, i only take a cup of milo+oat for breakfast (i'm rushing as usual) that's y i feel dizzy when the clock strikes 13 (hungry like the wolf !!). . alhamdulillah, they stop at 14

so here we goes...

asz's portion
shah ,naz.. ordered same menu. gosh! byk gilee
mine . nice,unfortunately wouldn't be able to finish it. big portion!

then miracle happen! guess what?? IT'S FREE!! :D (someone really nice already paid for us.. :D) ..


3.30pm back to work. continue discussion. before left, had some coffee (& chit-chatting) at their nice/amazing veranda (office located at penthouse)

swim on your own risk! somebody stalking :p

arrived home @ 7pm

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Bulan Luna said...

hye there, just to let you know that our Tie Rack Scarves are back!! <3